Hmmm...  Not quite a bear.. but not totally a cub.

I like to claim the title "Cub" more than "Bear" as I lean more towards the submissive in a relationship.  But I can be just as aggressive as any Bear when it comes to certain aspects.  Grrrr WOOF!

Well, let's start with some basic stuff here...

Bear Code: B3 cd- f g k-- q- r- s- w
(click here to decode the bear code!)

Western Zodiac: Pisces
    Ascendant: Leo
    Ruler: Neptune/Jupiter
    Element: Water
    Quality: Mutable
    Characteristics: Understanding, Perception, Creativity, Compatibility, Awareness, Spirituality

Chinese Zodiac: Boar
    Polarity: Yin

    Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
    Chinese: Pig, Rat, Cat, Dragon, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog

Age: 36
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: About 200 - it fluctuates.
Sexual Position: Versatile
Status: HIV Negative

**REQUIRED** - I DO NOT smoke, do drugs, and I am disease-free and expect you to be the same.


I tend to like men that are masculine, my height or taller, body and facial hair/fur are a plus.  As far as attraction goes, I tend to be attracted only to white males that are close to height/weight proportionate (a small belly can be quite attractive!).

I tend to take things very slowly.  Chat first, ask for dates later.  So you fast-movers might want to take a valium!  In this day and age, discretion is the better part of valor and I have the privilege of doing things at MY discretion, not anyone else's.

I am into wearing leather, but not into all the fetish or 98% of the attitude that some people tend to associate with it.  To me, it's more about respect than anything else.  Unfortunately, there are people that don't even understand that.

I tend to be spiritual and not religious.  To me, there is a huge difference.  I like to think that the movie "Dogma" had it right when they said that to have an idea is better than to have beliefs.  An idea can be changed or re-evaluated when necessary.  A change in beliefs is so much harder.  So I have my own "ideas" and my own spirituality which I will share upon request.  But unlike religion, I will not force it upon you.

The character on the left is Mog - he is from Final Fantasy and belongs to a race called "moogles".  He is the embodiment of how I feel - not quite a bear.. but not quite a cub either.  He is my representation on the internet.  Another picture of MOG:

ADDENDUM: 05.22.2006

Many men have asked... what is "sacredjade"?

Well... to be honest, it doesn't really have any deep spiritual meaning... it's not a nickname.  It's just merely something I made up about 1994 when i was in a band.  I liked it enough that when I was searching for an internet identity, it seemed like a perfect fit.

If I have not shared something here that you want to know, just ask... if it is significant enough, I just might add it to this page.