09.05.2007 - Pages updated: Home, About Me, and Hobbies.

In the next couple of months, I'll be looking to do a complete photo overhaul.

Welcome to my world -- The world of Sacredjade.

"Let me tell y'all something!"

This site is my way of letting you into my world.  A gateway for getting to know me.  Don't take anything too seriously or too lightly here.  As I can be both at times.

You will not find any nude or revealing pictures here.  Sorry, I've been there and done that.  And burned the negatives!!

What you will find is more about me.  Just use the menu above.  It's just that simple.


"About Me" - history o' me.
"Hobbies" - free time a/k/a the "devil's playground".
"BearCub" - a little bit of the gay.
"Stuff" - odds and ends! (warning to the dial-up users out there!)
"Contact" - let your fingers do the talking.

UPDATE - It's hard to believe that this website has been live for 3 years... and that I have been living in Dallas for over a year.  I've met a lot of great men in Dallas. (big props to Randy, Brad, Brent & Sam, Alan, and Jay. You guys make the world go round!)  I updated the "Bearcub" page with my current age...

I've also met some "not-so-great" men in Dallas.  Dallitude does exist.  It's very evil.  If you are afflicted with it I pity you.  You are missing out on way too many good people.

Something I haven't done previously... here's a list of websites where you can find a profile:


I don't favor any one site... but you can find me on any one of them (screenname: sacredjade) on any given night... whether it be to check messages or chat.

One last thing...  if you have found this profile site through gay.com chat or any other profile of mine, then I ask the following:

1. Do not assume we are friends, boyfriends, or instant buddies.  It just doesn't happen that way in real life.  It takes time build any kind of relationship!

2. Do not ask for sex, nude photos, or anything else of that nature, you are NOT going to get it.  And you will most likely end up being ignored completely.

3. If you decide to private message, instant message, or email me, be ready to carry on with your half of the conversation.  Communication is a two-way road.

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